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What is PRIMAL?

PRIMAL is a revolutionary M2E fitness app that rewards users for working out, connects fans to famous athletes and supports athletes of all levels on their journey. Our app gamifies fitness, leveraging biometric data from any fitness tracker to determine rewards, level-up PRIMAL NFTs for increased earnings, and drive competition on the global leaderboards. Our innovative Inner Circle feature brings fans and fight stars closer than ever, with training camps, exclusive access, fan tokens and more. It’s time to onboard the next one billion athletes. Train hard. Hit harder. This is PRIMAL.

How can I Start Using the app?

The app is currently being finalized. We’ll announce a roll-out schedule once it’s ready.

What are HIT points?

HIT points are points that you get for inviting your friends into PRIMAL app. The more friends you invite, the more points you accumulate daily. TOP3 referrers each week will receive a FREE PRIMAL NFT.

How can I get more HIT points?

Once you start using PRIMAL app, you get 4 HIT points daily. To earn more:
- Add your wallet address (+7 points daily, instead of +4)
- Invite your friends to PRIMAL app (+8 points per sign up)
- Invite friends that also invite their own friends (+2 points per sign up)

How can I contact you if I have problems with the app?

Please write to
Would be great if you can include these details so that we can respond to your issue quicker:
- Your account email address
- Your phone model
- Your phone operating system version
- Primal app version & build (Profile -> App Support -> App version & build)

What Languages Will the App Be Translated Into?

Our primary language will be English currently, but the PRIMAL community is worldwide. We’ll be adding support for more languages in the months ahead.

I Don’t Have a Wearable Device. Can I Still Get Involved?

Yes. If you have a mobile device with our app on it and you can exercise, you’re in.