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PRIMAL is Move2Earn + Fan Tokens + Inner Circles

$PRIMAL live on

250 Athlete Ambassadors Onboarded

3 Celebrity Fan Tokens Upcoming

1st Fan Token Offering
Q1 2023

PRIMAL Innovates Fan Tokens: Creating Utility in a 2bn+ Market

Fan Token amassed a 2bn+ market issuing the biggest sport teams’ fan tokens. PRIMAL has 250+ Athlete Ambassadors issuing fan tokens.

PRIMAL Fan Tokens open major utility for athletes: they create private communities (inner circles), launch training tutorials and courses, and build a true connection with fans.

PRIMAL integrates Move2Earn mechanics without infinite inflation: token has sustained utility through Fan Tokens and athlete engagements.

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Athletes promote $PRIMAL ecosystem

Each of 250+ onboarded athletes invite their fans to choose a monthly plan. Fans buy subscriptions: monthly inflow to $PRIMAL tokens, which then get burned.

Fan Tokens with True Utility
Users engage directly with athletes. 

PRIMAL works directly with athletes: the ones that bring fans & money to sports. Holders get immense utility: engage directly with athletes using their fan tokens.

250+ PRIMAL Ambassadors

+ More To Be Announced Soon

Fan Tokens

PRIMAL is launching fan-tokens with the world's biggest athletes offering fans exclusive benefits & perks.

Inner Circle

The Inner Circle allows athletes from any discipline to create their own ecosystem within PRIMAL. This will help athletes throughout their careers offering additional revenue streams and media support and connect fans with their favourite athletes.


PRIMAL integrates biometric data from your fitness tracker, enabling you to earn tokens & level up your PRIMAL NFTs while you work out.

120,000 users
have already reserved their fighters

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Phase 1

Team Expansion
Athlete Onboarding
Design & Development
Brand Partnerships Secured

Phase 2

Token Generation Event (TGE)
Token IDO
Inner Circles Preview
Staking Live
Fiat On-Ramp: Buy $PRIMAL with FIAT
Partnerships & Athletes Secured

Phase 3

Tier 1 Athletes Announced
Athlete Fan Token Launches
Ambassador Inner Circles
Ambassador App Beta
Partnerships & Athletes Secured

Phase 4

Biometric Integration
Public Beta
App Launch
Verified Athlete Inner Circles
Launch Event
200+ Athletes Announced

Who's behind PRIMAL



Ben has had over 15 years experience handling operations in the entertainment industry across music, gaming, esports and ecommerce, propelling brands into multi-million-pound businesses.



Vin is quickly becoming one of the UK’s most exciting, up and coming young entrepreneurs having founded an explosive startup now valued at over £50m.

Phoebe White

Head of Partnerships

Phoebe is a consultant with 8+ years experience specialising in strategic brand partnerships and business development in lifestyle, tech, music, and F&B. Clients include Land Rover, Burberry and Heineken.

Behzad Pournouri


Behzad is a blockchain engineer with over 5 years experience in the industry. His most recent experience is at Spherium Finance, a defi interoperable protocol.


Head of Athlete Partnerships

Connor has been involved in talent partnerships and management for 5+ years. Working with the biggest sports stars in the world, he specialises in building personal relationships that last. With a specific focus in the world of boxing Connor is excited to be a part of the primal team.


Creative Director

Gustav has two decades of experience as an award-winning writer, performer, and Creative Lead across the entertainment industry. From performing sold-out shows around the world to narrative creation, world-building and operating as a director of a successful marketing start-up, Gustav has a burning passion for creativity, comms, and the power of a good story.


Hatu Sheikh

Hatu is one of the most prominent names in the blockchain space, having co-founded DAO Maker — the #1 launchpad developing crypto disruptors and leaders. In the past years, Hatu advised industry changemakers in DeFi and GameFi, spearheading innovation in new and rapidly developing asset classes.