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PRIMAL is a Move2Earn Infrastructure Project that Tokenizes Fan-Athlete Engagement.

The global sports industry has a backbone. The bond between an athlete and the fans. Yet neither the fans nor the athletes own this bond. Companies do.

Tokenization recreates this bond, giving ownership of Fan-Athlete experiences and love to their rightful owners — fans and athletes

Built and backed by the biggest Move2Earn Ecosystem

Tokenization of fan experiences is already a major product in crypto. However the approach is flawed given that tokenization is trying to manufacture Company-Fan relationships. There are none. Fans do not have bonds with companies. They establish bonds with people.

Two best performing projects in the industry - Chiliz, with its soccer tokenization, and NBA Top Shot, with its basketball tokenization, have reaped hundreds of millions in annual revenue. PRIMAL builds on the success of these platforms by going one step futher: giving fans the ability to experience and affect the bond they have with athletes.

PRIMAL is doing it right. Building fan tokenization where the fans have a mutual relationship with athletes: 1-on-1 interactions and applied feedback that affects athlete decisions. These are the raw and genuine interactions that fans seek and athletes wish to enable and scale.

By enabling this Fan-Athlete bond, PRIMAL tokenizes the global 300bn sports industry.


Mass Adopted Technology Compatible

Tap in with your device. Level up your PRIMAL NFTs by working out to increase your earning capacity.

This opens a market opportunity of 150 million already existing users. 150 million users waiting to use their device for income – a benefit they never expected before.

Compatible With

The First Mover on the Protocol for FitFi

Previous Move2Earn projects - like Stepn or Genopets - faced scaling and usability issues due to the nature of blockchains that they built on.

Step Network is the first protocol made for Fitness Finance. PRIMAL is the first to build a product on a blockchain made for Fitness Finance.

Addressing the FitFi’s market’s biggest bottleneck and expense, PRIMAL is able to move to market faster, smoother, and onboard more users. The early mover advantage ensures PRIMAL can become the industry leader: powered by the leading blockchain for the FitFi economy.

The PRIMAL Ecosystem Explained

Workout in real life, upgrade your PRIMAL NFT and earn.
Join your favourite athlete’s Inner Circle, learn from your idols and train together.
Support your favourite athlete by buying Fan Tokens

Join Your Favourite Athlete's Inner Circle


Athletes and celebrities create their own ecosystem within PRIMAL. They build their own training camps to interact with you: their fan.


Star athletes get branded NFTs, advertisement opportunities and build a true bond with supporters.


Users pay $PRIMAL into athlete vaults which gives access to the exclusive benefits mentioned above.

250+ PRIMAL Ambassadors

+ More To Be Announced Soon

Business Overview

PRIMAL captures the full potential of fan economy: creating value from fan’s loyalty towards an athlete. In doing so, Primal leverages the emotional capital of sports fans to drive adoption of a tokenized infrastructure of products.

PRIMAL merges ecosystem products into an engine for user growth. Star athlete Inner Circles is a gateway to join, Move-to-earn app unlocks income from training, allows to have fun and socialize. This funnel allows to predictably grow, measure, and retain core user base. PRIMAL is differentiated by a more engaged consumer base where its ecosystem becomes part of everyday life: exercising, work (income), socializing, and leisure.

120,000 users
have already reserved their fighters

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