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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PRIMAL?

PRIMAL is the 1st fan token project with an integrated fitness app that allows users to earn by working out (Move-to-Earn). PRIMAL has licensed 250+ star athletes in football, UFC, cricket and other major sports leagues.
PRIMAL is integrated with Apple, Fitbit, Whoop and other fitness devices to open a market of over 100 million immediate users.

A major feature of the PRIMAL ecosystem is the Fan Token Offerings (FTO), which provide the infrastructure to issue fan tokens to the most beloved global athletes.

PRIMAL is incubated by Step App, the biggest web3 fitness ecosystem and one of the most successful digital asset launches of 2022.

How can I Start Using the app?

The app beta is now available to download from the IOS & Android store. Download now.

What is the purpose of the $PRIMAL token?

$PRIMAL is our main governance & Utility token. $PRIMAL powers our entire ecosystem. It is used for peer-to-peer asset trading, staking, locks, buybacks and burns. It also benefits from ecosystem fees. Staking $PRIMAL also offers access to our app and interaction with athletes through the Inner Circle and Athlete Fan Tokens.

There are multiple benefits to staking $PRIMAL including:

Free NFTs: Stake $PRIMAL at launch to receive a free PRIMAL NFTs.
Rewards: $PRIMAL to activate earnings on your PRIMAL NFTs when using our move to earn app.
Discounts: Stake to reduce NFT trading fees from 2.5% to 2% (0.5% discount).
DAO Power: Staking participants can use the DAO vote to burn 50% of the collected NFT trading fees to reduce circulating supply.
Staking Yield: Up to 50% of NFT trading fees are available as staking rewards.

Fan Tokens -
People will use $PRIMAL to purchase fan tokens from every athlete in the PRIMAL ecosystem adding significant buying pressure to the token.

Inner Circles -
One of our main USP's Inner Circles (think patreon meets masterclass for athletes) users will pay $PRIMAL to athletes in order to access their inner circles, training camps, exclusive content and forums.

App -
$PRIMAL can be used & earned through our NFT marketplace in app as well as used to purchase brands & athletes goods.

Staking $PRIMAL also provides a lot of benefits from discounts on NFT trading fees, limited edition NFTs and more.

What are Inner Circles?

The Inner Circle allows athletes from any discipline to create their own ecosystem within PRIMAL. This will help athletes throughout their careers offering additional revenue streams and media support. Users will pay $PRIMAL into athlete vaults which gives the user access to all the exclusive benefits.

Think of the Inner Circles as patreon meets masterclass meets social platform. Athletes are able to offer varying tiers of membership with increasing level of content the higher the tier. The higher the tier, the more the user has to stake. (staking brackets).

Athletes can speak directly to their fans, offer exclusive content,  training camps, compete & compare stats to their fans, send daily insights & updates. They will also have an ecommerce element where they can sell exclusive merch, NFT drops and additional products.

How does the token economy work?

The PRIMAL verticals are two-fold. The governance token $PRIMAL is used for peer-to-peer asset trading, staking, locks, buybacks and burns. It benefits from ecosystem fees.

The reward ecosystem token $ENRGY is used to level up your ingame character and rewarded for activity. It is the secondary token launched together with the app. You can find more on the economy page.

When Can I Buy $PRIMAL?

You can purchase $PRIMAL from a wide range of CEX & DEX.
The links are below:

What Languages Will the App Be Translated Into?

Our primary language will be English currently, but the PRIMAL community is worldwide. We’ll be adding support for more languages in the months ahead.

Is Renting PRIMAL NFTs a Thing?

Yes! Our NFT marketplace will feature renting functionality. If you need a higher strength PRIMAL NFT to hit another level or defeat a stubborn opponent, rent one to get the job done. Or, if you’re looking for passive income, rent your levelled-up PRIMAL out to those looking for a leg up. We’ll be providing more information about this soon.

Can You Explain More About PRIMAL M2E, Social, etc? What’s the Connection Between M2E elements & Fan tokens?

PRIMAL is a revolutionary M2E fitness app  that rewards users for working out, connects fans to famous athletes and supports athletes of all levels on their journey.

Our app gamifies fitness, leveraging biometric data from any fitness tracker to determine rewards and drive competition on the global leaderboards.

Our innovative Inner Circle feature brings fans and fight stars closer than ever, with training camps, exclusive access, fan tokens and more. It’s time to onboard the next one billion athletes. Train hard. Hit harder. This is PRIMAL.

The App
Fitness app connecting users and athletes (celebrity and fitness professionals)
● Inner Circle feature for athletes to offer services such as training camps, meal plans, challenges, exclusive merch & NFTs and connecting with their audience
● Purchase fan tokens from celebrity athletes
● Marketplace to buy, sell and rent PRIMAL NFTs.
● Purchase physical & digital goods from athletes & brands using credit cards via our FIAT onramp or $PRIMAL.
● Biometric data showing your workout and $ENRGY earnings
● Integrated Wallet to hold your $PRIMAL, $ENRGY & stablecoins
● Global leaderboards to compete against other users
● Chat with friends & connect with other fitness enthusiasts 

Move 2 Earn
The first product within our roadmap
● Rewards you in $ENRGY for working out
● Improve your real life fitness but also level up your PRIMAL NFT while doing so.

I Don’t Have a Wearable Device. Can I Still Get Involved?

Yes. If you have a mobile device with our app on it and you can exercise, you’re in.

What is an FTO & how does it work?

PRIMAL's Fan Token Offerings work by bootstrapping liquidity to an upcoming Fan token by allowing fans to purchase the token early.
This is done through our platform -

To Participate;

Step 1 - Stake $PRIMAL & submit your bid for the FTO
Step 2 - Submission period ends & results are announced. Winners receive a notification of how many fan tokens they have won
Step 3 - $PRIMAL tokens that belong to the FTO winners are locked away forever, reducing the $PRIMAL supply
Step 4 - FTO winners receive their Fan Tokens & Trading begins on a DEX